Watch Tyler’s Testimony (4:19).


My daughter is doing so well in school. You can see the test scores-she has gone from being at the bottom, below average, to the top of the class!      – C.C.

I just wanted to tell you what I’ve noticed differently since you did the BIT on me.
It has helped my accessibility to my memories/ brain info! We traveled to Tahoe the following week and I saw many people that I knew from the past and I could pull their name out easily. (like a guy who used to work with my husband who I barely knew and I saw him on a hiking trail and pulled his name out of my brain!)      – S.J.

I feel that I am more easily organized and “on top of my game” these days. Thank you! I don’t walk into a room and forget what I went there for!               – O.A.

Hi Kim! I just wanted to update you on R. Her sophomore year is going great! Math is still challenging for her but she is doing awesome in sign language A+!!!!! And A&B grades in her other classes. She has a better attitude and confidence that was not there before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
(When R came to me 10 months ago she was failing high school)         – B.W.

C. is doing great in school. Last year he needed a special learning plan but so far he is keeping up fine with everyone else.                       – G.H.

Thank you for giving us hope with BIT. J did an amazing job today reading a paper on Mesopotamia, synthesizing the information and reworking it into a comparison chart! That’s organizational skills he would have had trouble doing before.             – N.M.

B’s attitude about facing difficult things is so much better and that is positive and helps overall. She is now willing to pick up a book and read for entertainment. Her comprehension seems to be better, she got a 90% on her lit test on The Great Divorce, though I believe she has to work very hard for that. Ultimately though, she was willing to stick with it. The same goes as she is reading Merchant of Venice. She is sticking with it as much as she hates Shakespeare. Spelling is better than last year. Instead of missing half, she misses about one fourth.        – K.T.

I can see changes in D already. He is more comfortable in social situations and is able to “find the words” he is looking for in conversation.            – S.R.

The real test of BIT was when the holiday season hit. I work in gaming at a very large computer company in Redmond. The stress level goes through the roof this time of year. Thanks to Kim I felt like I was breezing through the madness.                      – E.T.

I am very grateful for BIT. My son has struggled through in math and spelling for 9 years. It seemed like we would spend significant time teaching the multiplication tables, only to repeat the entire process again the next year. Spelling has also been challenging.
The week after doing BIT with him I noticed something remarkable. I had just taught him how to add 3-term polynomials by carefully lining up each term. I left to do something else while he did the exercises. When I returned, I found him successfully tackling the multiplying of 3 term polynomials by using skills from past lessons and common sense. He had lined each term up and drew grid lines between them in a very orderly manner. This orderliness and willingness to tackle tougher math was uncharacteristic of him before BIT.
His spelling also showed improvement. On an extra large review test, he scored an A- on his first try.
I am so grateful that we learned of BIT before he started his Freshman year in high school. I only wish we had found out about it sooner. So now I tell everyone about BIT that I can. I was so pleased with the results that our whole family also did BIT. Each of us has seen improvements in different ways.
I also felt that Kim Kobayashi was a very competent and thorough practitioner. She truly desires to see her patients make improvements and succeed. I’d highly recommend her for BIT, muscle reactivation or allergy work.                    – A Relieved Homeschooling Mom

G is doing much better and is calmer overall. More structure at home and school might have helped, too. I do think the eye situation has improved from your work. He is not asking for glasses and is doing a lot of reading which I am thrilled about!                – B.J.

My objectives in going to Kim for Brain Integration were to:

  1. Address any lingering effects learning disabilities might have had, if possible, and correct them.
  2. Figure out how the communication between me and my husband had gotten so bad so it could change, or I could move forward in the relationship in a much less co-dependent way.
  3. To open myself up to more opportunities in my work life
  4. To be more confident in my interactions with others.

No small task but if I have 10 -30 years ahead of me I need a fresh start!

My “take away” after finishing BIT are around my interaction with others. I am much less reactive or defensive in my interactions with others. It’s helped me be more empathetic initially; when I do feel my defenses going up I realize the reason (typically self related) and hope that I can learn to diffuse the situation sooner than later.

I also have a renewed interest in my work. Before, detail oriented work stressed me out because I thought I couldn’t retain the info from one place to the next – transposing numbers kind of a thing, inability to remember a series of numbers. Now I may not have the numbers down, but I am not anxious about it and as a result things are coming easier.

It definitely was something, the changes in me, that came on over a period of time. I think you mentioned that would be the case.

I am also having very vivid long and involved dreams.

Most recently I have been dealing with anxiety about my future work endeavors but I have an event in San Antonio this coming week that is the kind of next big thing I have been looking for, if it goes well I owe it all to you, if it doesn’t – that will be because I chose not to rise to the occasion with my new brain!                                                – C.B.

Brain Lesion
Two years ago while hiking up Mt. Index, my leg right became paralyzed and I had to abort our climb 3/4 way up and drag myself with a bum leg back down the mountain. After a number of doctors visits, a neurologist diagnosed me with a brain lesion of unknown etiology. My leg got better, but I had many other neurological symptoms from the “lesion” that made day to day living frustrating, if not depressing at times. When I met Kim, I decided to give BIT a try. Our sessions were spread out over a three month period. I’m an RN and was very doubtful, never having any experience with BIT. I would have never believed the astounding results if I hadn’t experienced it personally. At our last session when I was able to pass my BIT neurological assessment/physical exam, I was so shocked I started to cry. My brain was working normally again! More than that, many academic and perceptual/sensory connections that I never expected to regain were restored throughout those 3 months. I thank God for Kim’s servant heart, her healing hands and Brain Integration Technique, it was a miracle from God for me.                 – K.L.

The biggest thing I notice since brain integration is that I can easily multi-task. I work at Starbucks, and now I can take orders, answer the phone, and be interacting with customers without missing a beat. Also, for the first time ever, I’m ahead in my assignments for math!                 – N.D.

Before we were done with Brain Integration, I noticed how my 12-year-old son’s attitude towards school shifted. At first, he hated guitar class. About the time we started with Kim, he suddenly loved it! It’s no longer a struggle to get him to work on his assignments. – J.W.

We started our allergy balance therapy with Kim for our food allergies. She worked on us individually and we have had great success! To be released from the bondage of food allergies was such a blessing that we decided to pursue more avenues of her care. I was particularly impressed that my chronic back pain for 18 months radically dissipated after Kim did only 30 minutes of adjustments through muscle reactivation. Then we decided to have our 16-year-old son do the brain integration therapy and he blew me away when he completed 4 tough homework assignments immediately upon arriving home from school in only 3.5 hours! One of those assignments was writing 7 paragraphs. This would usually take him 3 hours in itself. We are eagerly anticipating what else this awesome therapy will reveal as time goes on!                – J.D.

If someone had told me about BIT and connected the dots for me with my son, he would have been saved from years of feeling like a failure. I still don’t know how we made it through-it was really all God. Thank you for your recommendation of BIT!             – L.C.

My brain- it’s so good! I brag about brain integration ALL the time. I’m writing up a little bio for you. But no it’s crazy, b/c before I could barely sit for 30 minutes to read a book or the Bible. And I’ve been able to sit for 2 hours reading my book for school (Forgotten God by Francis Chan) and the Bible! It has been so great and plus with learning Spanish and having to memorize scripture it’s been amazing! A total God send that this all happened.

Speaking of God send, I learned how to surf and now I’m a surfer!            -A. B.

Muscle Reactivation

I came to you for muscle reactivation because I know and trust you. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t done it. After you worked on my back, I left for a mission trip in Europe. What we didn’t expect is that our job was to weed a gravelly lot for 2 weeks!! I was able to do it! Then I was asked to lead a basketball workshop and I hadn’t played in 39 years. I prayed then played. My back held up amazingly. Thank you! – J.S.

Our dog who is almost 13 had been unable to get up and use his hind legs for more than 24 hours. I was expecting to have to put him down. Then I sat next to him and did muscle reactivation on his hips/muscles/ligaments. That was evening. The next morning (when I thought he would die) he got up!! Not only that, his back legs weren’t slipping outwards anymore. We’ve been on several walks since then and he says he is very glad. – K.K.

My first time back to the chiropractor after having muscle reactivation was fun. He was shocked at how my back had held the last adjustment (which was several weeks prior). The only thing I had done differently was my back muscles “turned back on”! – K.L.

I had Kim work on my neck and upper back with Muscle Reactivation. When I got in the car to go home, I started to sing and was so surprised at how easy it felt! I am a vocalist, so this was an unexpected and very welcome result of her work!
– B.C.

I landed on my head during a gymnastics routine and ended up with a concussion and headache for several days. Kim did muscle reactivation with my neck and before she was even done the pain disappeared! It works! – S.G.