Brain Integration

Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a relaxing process where the practitioner systematically gathers information about the important communication pathways in the brain through muscle testing, and then applies correction, opening blocked paths, by gently holding reflex points. BIT has been shown to:

  • Facilitate healing of ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Improve spelling, math, and reading comprehension
  • Increase ability to organize, plan, multi-task
  • Help improve balance and coordination
  • Reduce stress and build self-confidence

This can have a tremendous, positive effect in every area of life.


Q: Why isn’t my brain working very well?

Until a child is about 5 years old, the logic dominant hemisphere of the brain is not developed. Whenever that “baby brain” encounters stress (fear, pain, illness, trauma, injury etc.) and is unable to process it, the brain will hold the stress by shutting down synapses or connections between neurons. It will do this mostly in the logic side because it’s not really being used! Our brains are seeking to be efficient. So, when the child is school age and has to start memorizing letters and numbers, sitting still, controlling emotions-she can’t! Logic functions bring order to the chaos of gestalt brain and enable us to memorize, recall, organize etc. When a child can’t access the logic, then learning doesn’t take place.

Traumatic events for adults, emotional or physical can also cause “shut down” of pathways in the brain.

Q: How long does BIT take?

Usually 8 hours. Usually, we schedule a 2-hour session at a time, but it is flexible with the client’s situations such as the age of the client, distance traveled, work schedules, etc.

Q: How quickly will there be results?

This varies with the individual and the type of difficulty they come with. Most will feel some change right away. For others, it has been gradual, from a few days to a few weeks. Everyone has seen improvement by the last session.

Q: Are results permanent?

BIT restores the brain’s ability to function efficiently, as it was designed to do. It is definitely possible for a “tune-up” to be necessary, especially if you have some major trauma, accident, concussion, or illness. However, the entire BIT process won’t need to be repeated.

Q: What kind of clients do you see? And for what?

Men, women, teens, children. I have worked with ADD, Dyslexia, processing difficulties, concussion recovery, stroke recovery, Asperger’s, Autism, TBI, depression, anxiety, Cerebral Palsy, and those who just want to improve!

For additional information, please contact me, Kim, for a free consultation. I’m happy to talk with you to determine if BIT will help you!