About Me

I have a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington. After graduating I lived in Japan and Hawaii for about 10 years working with a Christian ministry on college campus.

I homeschooled our 4 children over a span of 22 years and then tutored children with learning difficulties for 4 years. This experience drove me to research dyslexia and that is when I discovered Crossinology Brain Integration Technique. I pursued training and certification and have been practicing since 2013.

Additional training:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain/Advanced BIT
  • Muscle Reactivation
  • SIPS 1 (Stress Indicator Point System)
  • Professional Interests:
  • Nutrition, cancer prevention, essential oils, brain health, personal growth/mindset

Personal Interests:

  • Art
  • Rocks
  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Speaking/teaching
  • Chickens
  • Family (not necessarily in this order)

Please contact me for a free consultation to determine if Brain Integration is right for you!

Kim Kobayashi

BIT Practitioner