Muscle Reactivation

Muscle Reactivation restores full innervation to muscles that have been damaged, stressed, strained, or compromised due to injury, surgery or stroke. Through isolating a muscle’s contraction, it can be determined whether or not it has the ability to be used and strengthened normally. When muscles have lost this ability, symptoms such as back and neck pain, a decreased range of motion, and recurring injuries occur.

After Muscle Reactivation, people usually experience reduced or eliminated pain, chiropractic adjustments may hold longer, backs are stronger, and injuries often heal faster.

“Experiencing acute lower back pain, I tried Kim’s Muscle Reactivation. The process took about an hour. To my surprise, I was able to get up from the massage table without the back pain! The debilitating sharp pains are completely gone! I am now exercising to strengthen my back muscles.” – JK

Please contact me, Kim, for a free consultation and see muscle reactivation is right for your unique situation.